Sciath works with established industry enterprises & entrepreneurial companies with existing customer contract vehicles & historical data repositories in large markets.

Why? Because Sciath believes a pivotal moment in business history is occurring right now, one not seen since the Industrial Revolution. Simply put, the world is moving from products to services. Billions of digital consumers are increasingly favoring access over ownership, but most legacy vendors & corporations are still built to sell products. They’re not set up correctly for the next hundred years of business and the pace of change is rapid. More than half of the companies that appeared on the Fortune 500 list in the year 2000 are now gone. While at the same time, companies running on subscription “as-a-service” models grow their revenue more than nine times faster than the S&P 500. Today’s corporations & vendors are laser focused on avoiding the nightmare scenario of becoming the “next handset makers” – commodity suppliers of hardware, helplessly watching all the profits flow to Software as a Service providers. Or, they fear losing the market valuation battle to new Technology as a Service upstarts (e.g. With $4.8B in operating losses over the last six quarters, Uber’s estimated $120B IPO service multiple driven valuation is more than General Motors, Ford Motors & Fiat Chrysler combined).

Sciath Process

All established companies need and want to change. However, these companies must confront entrenched corporate cultures and limited budgets in a business that is typically low margin, and is highly vulnerable to downturns in the economy. They must sustain profits in the traditional, capital-draining, business of producing high volumes of products, as they simultaneously try to invest in costly future technologies. It’s a difficult position, and the vast majority of established corporations have now realized that they need outside help (technology & capital) to digitally transform their businesses to enter the new service economy. Sciath fills this digital transformation void by implementing its disruptive A3/BC, Tokenization & ARR PaaS platforms/proven methodologies & providing capital, and seeks to transform them into category leading Smart Industry “as a Service” providers with accelerated growth paths & high-valuation trajectories.

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